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I sacrafice many things I would love to do every year for my sanity! : ) Funny, the one thing I would love is the lights outside, too, but I never want to spring for actually buying them all so we still don't have them. Christmas will financially tough enough this year, I have decided I have to let the other stuff go, too!


We continue to simplify our Christmas too, but I've found there are lots of memory-making things to do that don't cost money and aren't a huge investment of time and emotional energy. :) Remember people are more important than things.


Love this! you're the 2nd family with littles that ISN'T doing Elf on the Shelf (with us :) ). I hate the entire idea...bribery for a month to make your kid "be good". We're trying to enjoy the holiday season without too much stress. We're not traveling far this year for the holiday which will be awesome.

I AM going to send holiday picture cards -- though it may be our last year. With stamps at $0.50/card + the price of cards...it's a pricey thing to keep doing.


So encouraging to read this and know I'm not alone! I can tend to feel a bit frustrated looking at all the projects and pretty things that would make the holiday season "oh so perfect". But then I'm reminded that right now in this season of life, it's about making the most of the time you have with your little ones and enjoying it! So thanks for sharing this :)

Happy Birthday to Sky and here's to a beautiful Christmas with 2 fun little guys! (it's our 1st Christmas with 2 boys, too!)


So-so. Something was not impressed.

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